A Suite of Features to Organize Every Aspect of Your Planning Process

Email Support

We answer questions & concerns within one business day

Ideation Canvas

Visualize, organize and refine your concepts with ease

Business Planning

Collect and organize crucial information for your business or product plan

Business Model

Guidance to develop and strategize your business model

SWOT Analysis

Define a SWOT detailed analysis of your concept

PEST Analysis

Define a detailed PEST analysis of your concept

McKinsey Model

Guidance to assess and align seven key elements for your concept

Task Management

Collaborate and delegate with your clients and team


Whether you want to create a personal space to secure and organize your business and product ideas or you need to strategize one concept, this is the perfect solution for you. With our platform, collecting and organizing crucial information for your business plans has never been easier. Say goodbye to scattered documents and website bookmarks. Star(t)fish is easy to use and affordable and simplifies your planning process.


Star(t)fish also offers valuable tools for freelancers, teams and service providers who offer business planning or plan writing services. Add team members and clients to your workspace to collaborate, share and document ideas seamlessly, efficiently and conveniently without geographical restrictions. Elevate your planning game, enhance productivity, and exceed client expectations. Join the ranks of successful planners who trust our tool to simplify their workflow.

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